Yes, It’s Mother’s Day

Yes, it’s that time of year again. The time when street corners are filled with vendors; their stands laid out with teddy bears, roses and chocolate treasures, the last minute hope for all sons, husbands or fathers who dare to forget this precious annual event. Yes this Sunday in May has been a long time valued tradition and one that I look forward to with great anticipation. As my kids are getting a little bit older, their creativity grows along with them and thus the presents get even more interesting and dare I say sophisticated.

So this morning, I got up to find my kids hurriedly cutting papers and gluing sparkles to their self-proclaimed masterpieces. My daughter’s eyes caught mine and she sternly told me that I was not allowed in the room and that she didn’t want me to see what she and her brother were up to. (It’s so cute when they think they can actually keep secrets at this age). So, as a good mother would, I pretended as though I saw nothing and obediently went to the living room instead. All this time my husband was missing in action as he had undoubtedly left to secure my gifts and hope to surprise me as well. I realized that this day would not go as planned and at the rate things were going, were sure to be late for church. Some time later, the kids came out of the room and each presented me with their labor of love.

Benny’s Gift:

My son took time to write me a little love note (which I’m so happy to report that he does every now and again even when it’s not Mother’s Day). He also gave me a beautiful decoration/painting of  a vase of flowers which I have promised him that I’ll put up on the wall. Thank you Benny!


Lyric’s Gift:

Now if you know my daughter, you’ll know that she loves to illustrate and even more so she’s an extremely matter-of-fact and literal child. She presented me with a hand drawn and written Mother’s Day card explaining her love for me and also a silhouette of herself on a paper! (She too have I promised to put her painting on the wall). To top it all off, she made the cutest Mommy coupon mini book in which I have received many free things :-). Thank you Lyric!


Hubby’s Gift:

Well, I won’t go into specifics so let’s just say we both had a Happy Mother’s Day and I got our standing tradition of red roses, a funny but true card and chocolates….specifically KitKat & Crunch (they’re my favorite) 🙂 He also took me out for lunch where I enjoyed quite a spread… looking at me ready to devour it were lobster, crab, fried shrimp, shrimp scampi, baked potato, fried calamari, a bowl of caesar salad and of course a tall glass of strawberry lemonade. I’m still full even as I write this 🙂 Thanks baby love!!!

Yes, Mother’s Day is a day that should be enjoyed by every mother. Whether you’re a single mom, like my mother was, who did such an excellent job raising me. Now that I have 2 kids of my own I don’t know how she did it, day in and day out by herself, and for that mommy I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re the best mom in the entire world and I’m so happy God chose you to raise me. To my mother-in-law who is sadly no longer with us, God Bless You and you are dearly missed. You raised an awesome son and father. Thank you for your labor of love. To my family, my aunties and cousins, friends and to any stepmom, regular mom, grandmother and any other mother, I wish you a beloved and blessed Happy Mother’s Day!!