Walmart Savings Catcher

So this is the best thing ever! I don’t know if you’re like me, but I like to shop at Walmart. Well, let me clarify the words “like to”… It’s convenient and one is right across from me. Customer Service..horrible. For some reason almost every employee doesn’t seem to know where any product is and they’re happy to let you know. Also, I can’t take how they have 50 check out lines and 5 employees working. However, the prices are always in my budget and again, it’s close by.

Anyway, I said all of that to say that if you do happen to shop at Walmart, you MUST download their new Savings Catcher app. How it works is, after you make your purchase and get your receipt, their app allows you to scan the qr code at the bottom of the receipt and it immediately shows you what you purchased. SIDE NOTE: This is also a good savingscatcher2way to store receipts without keeping the physical one lying in your house amongst the hundreds of other receipts you may or may not keep. After showing you what you’ve purchased, they show how many competitors they found that sell the same thing you just purchased and they start searching for better deals. Within 24-48 hours, you will receive a notification from the app of any deals that they found and they’ll automatically give you the difference on the app! You can keep compiling it up and to redeem your $$, you just click on the button to get it back. That simple! I’m up to almost $20 just back scanning a few receipts and I’m loving it!

SECOND SIDE NOTE: Some receipts will only give you back a few cents or a few dollars. The point is that you’re getting something back and you can keep compiling it until it’s to an acceptable number.

Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I am..