Time Saving Hacks for Busy Homes

Winging it hasn’t been working, has it?!?  Creating systems/plans DO work!


Plan a weekly menu for dinners based on which meat is on sale that week.  The freezer is your BFF!  

(If chicken is on sale at an especially good price buy 2-6 pkgs. and freeze.  You can also freeze shredded cheese.)

  1. In some states Kroger and Walmart offer shop online with pick up times.
  2. Choose a grocery shopping day and stick to it! (Example:  Shop Thursday on your way home from work, buy a rotisserie chicken so you won’t have to cook in addition to working all day plus grocery shopping.)
  3. Shop with a list based on the weekly sale flyer. These two tips will save you time AND money!!  Most store sales begin on Wednesday or Thursday and you will find sale flyers online at the grocery store website.  Most of us still run out of milk, eggs, etc. in between grocery shopping day and need those “10 items or less” and that is ok!
  4. The crock pot will have dinner ready when you walk in the door from work!
  5. Cook several meals or meal-prep (chop vegetables, boil pasta, cook rice) several meals at the same time, maybe on Sunday afternoon.


House Cleaning:

If you work outside the home hire professional cleaning help 2 times/month. Then simply maintain with daily surface cleaning and daily clutter removal.

If professional cleaning help is not in the family budget (No family budget?  Visit www.daveramsey.com then scroll down to learn more about his Financial Peace University) then you and your spouse are the professional cleaners each week.

To do this…choose one day when you OR you + your spouse are the house cleaners (no interruptions, do not answer texts/phones!) Deep clean for 2 hours as if YOU are the hired help.

If you have children:

  1. Trade childcare with a friend for the hours you will be cleaning
  2. Have your spouse take the children on an outing while you clean alone for cleaning day
  3. You take the children and your spouse cleans for 2-4 hours uninterrupted.

*The important tip to remember is 2 hours one day/week with no interruptions and no texts/phones!

When children are old enough you can delegate/share responsibilities with them



No one likes to do laundry, right?

  1. Choose a delegated laundry day, this is important because it helps eliminate procrastination plus you won’t get caught doing “emergency” laundry because the top you need is dirty or your child’s uniform is dirty. *Delegate laundry to a different day than your house cleaning day!!!!!!!!!
  2. Make sure to have all the laundry supplies in advance so you have one less excuse for starting.
  3. Separate laundry into towels/socks, (launder on the cold or tap water setting) sheets, (launder on the cold or tap water setting) whites, (wash in hot water) workout attire/darks jeans, (wash jeans inside out in cold water) delicates/hand wash only items (launder inside mesh lingerie bags; you can find mesh bags at the grocery store, dollar store, or discount stores)   Delicates/hand washables may go into the washing machine on the delicate setting on tap/warm/cold water, (only if they are in lingerie bags) delicates/hand washables should air dry and not go into the dryer.

By separating the laundry into categories it prevents wrinkles, buys you time, and prolongs the life of the garments.

(If you have a large family then each family member gets their own laundry day.  If it is not their laundry day then their clothes have to wait to be laundered. Each family member is also responsible for making sure dirty clothes are in their dirty laundry basket.   This system is for children not old enough to do their own laundry)


System Summary: 

1: Plan a weekly menu for your family dinners based on what meat is on sale that week

2 : Deep clean weekly or every other week, in between cleaning day all you have to do, is pick up and fake it

3: Choose a specific laundry day different from the house cleaning day

4: Create free time for yourself and your family with this system for Home Management

5: If you have a baby, give yourself some grace and try your system again tomorrow

Systems will help relieve the stress and anxiety of “thought clutter” from having too much to do and too little time to do it.

Next week I will share how to shop smart by only shopping sale items!

Written By: Dawn Davis, I Am So A Mom Contributor

About Dawn:

I am a Faith filled, happy wife, grateful grandmother, craft coach, who wants to make a difference, live for others, & share this journey.

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