REVIEW: Sticker Kid is Awesome

If you’re looking for a really cool way to label your kid’s things, and I’m talking everything – books, jackets, lunch bags, cups, toys, sporting equipment, you name it!- then look no further than Sticker Kid! This was probably by far the coolest organizing tool I have. If you’re a parent with multiple kids, trust me you’ll find that their products really do come in handy. Even if you’re a mama or papa of 1, these cool little labels are ideal for putting ownership on bags, pencil cases and more!

In my house with my 2 little darlings, I have the privilege of hearing”That’s mine!!!” every other minute so I have gone on a mass labeling campaign. Toy boxes are labeled, sandwich bags are labeled, cups are labeled, jackets are labeled, pretty soon I’ll be labeling them! 🙂 just kidding…



Seriously though, I love the stickers from Sticker Kid, more so because I can customize them to look like anything I want. I was able to get the pink stickers for Lyric and the blue stickers for Ben. I put a princess on hers and a pirate on his and you can write whatever text you want. For Lyric’s I went more simple with a “Belongs to” but for Ben who’s still in a preschool with lots of other kids, I put his name, grade & his teacher’s name just in case something goes missing in school. You can really customize to your liking and best of all it’s extremely affordable.


I encourage each of you to at least give it a try and see how it brings organization into your home! Thanks to the team at Sticker Kid, as a special gift to our readers, if you do decide to buy any of their products, use the code  “USAsoamom” to get an extra 5% off!