Night Cap

Who would have thought that the gentle breeze from a not-so-clean ceiling fan could feel so good? After an incredibly (almost seeming endless) day, the soothing feeling from the fan was much needed and much appreciated. I leaned back on the sofa and felt a slight smile come across my face. I got about a minute in when I heard “Mommy! I can’t hear the tv!” Now seeing as how it was after 8 o clock on a weekday evening, I was tempted and probably well within my rights to say, “TV? It’s bedtime!” But since a glimpse of what bedtime meant quickly passed through my mind…(getting from my comfortable position, turning off all electronics, bathing both kids and putting them in the bed) I decided to verbally ignore the request but reached out my hand for the remote that was not so far from my hands and slowly turn the TV up. I know what you’re thinking… bad parent! BUT I’m sure if you’re a mother of two or more or even one and you work hard days whether at an office or at home, you know the feeling of just wanting a minute to yourself. So to those reading and quickly assuming I am a bad parent, I am fully prepared to live with the meaningless consequence of your thoughts 🙂 But I would say that I’m usually very firm on following a strict schedule especially at bedtime but this day was stressful enough to where I believe I deserved the few extra minutes… ok maybe it turned into an hour or so but I had a very hard day! One that involved nurses, doctors, an ambulance an overnight stay at a hospital and surgery! But you’d have to read the Playground Accident for that one. As of now, it’s time to say good night!