Me & My Love Addiction to Chocolate Cake

Hello world. Yes, I know, I know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. You try managing 2 young kids, being pregnant (well baby Isabella is here now), getting your first home and working full time. It kind of takes a lot of time and energy and unfortunately I haven’t been able to write at all lately. Now, to all the supermoms who may be thinking, Well I can manage to do all of the above and still find time to blog, I say to you, Bravo! I’m clearly not the same. Actually on that note let me just say to any mom out there, don’t let anyone judge you for what you can or cannot do while you’re going through life, raising your kids and managing your responsibilities. No one situation and no two people are the same, so we cannot all be judged by the same stick. Don’t look at Mommy Sue or Jane down the street or on your job or in your community and compare yourself to them. Do what you can when you can and be proud of it.

Well, this post is supposed to be about my recent love addiction to chocolate cake and oh what a love addiction it is! Recently, with a newborn in the house, it feels as though I can only find 5 free minutes of time during the day for myself and during this time, I indulge with a slice of pure chocolately chocolate cake along with a cup of OJ. (Don’t judge me.. OJ just goes great with it in my humble opinion lol). For those 300 seconds everything else in the world seems to melt away and I’m just caught in a bliss of pure happiness with my taste buds doing their happy on top of the world dance. I’m so grateful my husband supports this particular addiction; he actually takes the baby from me so that I can get my alone time to indulge and just breathe. He’s so awesome 🙂

Mommy Tip: If you’re dealing with a newborn at home, it is absolutely imperative that you steal away at least a few minutes to yourself of just peace and quiet and indulging in something you love and/or enjoy. It helps you to keep a calm and level head and takes care of you so you can take care of baby!