Learning To Walk Even If You Fall Down

In my last two posts we talked about the importance of Me Time & Thinking New Thoughts.

Today we will look at how to give yourself some grace and overcome the crazy emotions that come with being a Mom.

Learning to walk is part of being a baby.  Toddlers expect to toddle.  They do not say to themselves when they fall “I guess I wasn’t cut out to be a walker.  I sure don’t want anyone to see me fall.  I’d rather settle for crawling the rest of my life than put myself through that experience again.”  Not being able to walk the first time, or two, does not affect them.  Yet, some grown ups seem to grow more afraid of “falling.”  Or they would rather avoid “the fall” altogether rather than learn to walk.

Which one describes your view of “falling down”? 

Falling Backward— expecting never to fall, expecting to continually fall, being limited by past falls, thinking a fall defines you.

Falling Forward— learning from each fall, recognizing that falling is still a step towards progress, striving for a positive attitude about the fall, believing the situation will work out even though you fell.

Learning to walk and talk:

Emotionally:  What do I say to myself that I believe to be true?  “I can’t, What if, Not me, Never, Always, But, Later, I’ll try, Maybe”

How long do your pity parties last?  What is your plan for getting back up when you fall down?  Yes, an emotional plan.  Remember the 3 step plan on how to capture your thoughts from my last post?

Verbally Talking about a mistake can exaggerate the mistake in your mind which will affect your emotions.  (What we put energy into will grow)  Catch yourself before you call your family or friends to share your mistakes, complain, or belittle yourself.  However, do call if you are asking for a solution or help!

Physically:  Every day try to view mistakes (“falling down”) as personal growth instead of the end of the world.  (Unless of course you are sleep deprived because then everything is earth shattering)  Putting mistakes into perspective will help you “walk” when you do not FEEL like doing it!  Moms have to “walk” even when they do not feel like it; there’s not a choice because your children need you.

Instead of crawling or even walking, choose to run towards the Mom you were meant to be, and actually, really are!

Written By: Dawn Davis, I Am So A Mom Contributor

About Dawn:

I am a Faith filled, happy wife, grateful grandmother, craft coach, who wants to make a difference, live for others, & share this journey.

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