The Playground Accident

So the worse call you can receive is from your child’s school informing you that your child has to go to the hospital. On this day I received just that phone call. My head felt as if a thousand thoughts had passed through it all at once. I can only vividly remember grabbing my keys and beckoning to my husband that we had to leave at that very instance. On the Nascar drive from my house to the school, which by the way took me a record 5 minutes instead of the normal 15 minutes, I could only pray that my 4 year old daughter was fine and was going to be fine in the end. Cutting a long dramatic and hurtful experience short here’s what happened: During recess at her school, my daughter began running as all kids do, and she turned her head to look at other kids playing and ran directly into a tricycle that was in front of her. She fell with the tricycle, rolling over and in the process broke her humerus bone. I believe the doctor called it a supracondular humerus fracture, level 3. Yes, a long term that I no doubt had to google to figure out what they said and what it meant. Well, since her break was a level 3, which is the highest level, they had to operate to get the bone back in place as it was actually moved from where it was supposed to be. Luckily the surgery was successful and my little darling was fine. We spent the night at the hospital and was released the next day. She now has a soft cast that will be turned into a hard cast next week and we’ll be dealing with the Cast Experience over the next 4 weeks. Yippee! (in the most sarcastic voice I could use) 🙁