Date Night 2 – Video Games Live!

One thing that both my husband and I share a love for is music and video games. My husband is the ultimate Halo master and I’m totally a super Mario champion 🙂 We loved playing video games together when we were dating and still enjoy it every once in a while now that kids have been added to the mix. And then there’s music…Music is life for me. I just love it. Even more so, live orchestra music I can sit and listen to for hours on end. With every instrument played I love hearing the symphony of notes and seeing the passion portrayed by the person behind the instrument. It’s so awesome and of course my wonderful husband is a musician’s musician and an extremely talented music producer and audio engineer. So yea.. we love em both!

For this month’s date night, we got to experience them both combined! A live orchestra of video game music. #What!!!! (still so excited). When I saw that Video Games Live was on tour and traveling through our home city, it was certainly an event we didn’t want to miss and thankfully our babysitting scheduling worked out for us to be able to go that very same night. #LookAtGod!

With our matching Super Mario Bros t-shirts on, we listened to the melodic sounds of classic games from Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Metroid, Final Fantasy and a lot more! As an added surprise, they even got the actual singer of the Pokemon theme song to sing the intro with the orchestra. It was an awesome show really and truly. If you have a love for music and games, you have to catch Video Games Live in your city!

Here’s a taste of what we experienced: (please excuse our talking or singing in the back lol)

Can’t wait for next month’s date night! Stay tuned 🙂