Coding for Kids

So a special shout out to my friend Carlo Gottshaw for showing me this site: It’s super cool, as it explores the wonderful world of coding and breaks it down for your little kindergartner or even high school graduate to understand. Being a web developer myself, I love working with code, using it to create all sorts of things, but I never thought of teaching it quite yet to my 5 year old as I’m sure you could imagine, coding gets pretty complex. But this site: actually puts it in a fun and entertaining way for your child to understand it.

I was so amazed at Lyric as she caught on to it so quickly and in less than an hour she was making snowflakes with Princess Ana (Frozen). Now we just started this thing a few days ago so I’m still going through it all to see everything it has to offer but so far it gets an “A” in my book! I’ll keep checking it out and keep you guys posted but in the meantime, I say just take a look at it. You never know, your kids might love it! Besides, everything is headed in the way of computers, so might as well start preparing them from now!.