A Little About Me

Hello Blogger World! I figured it’s about time I did an introduction to the online world. I’ve been told so many times that I need a camera crew to follow me and my family around and make it a reality show. I’m not all for exploiting my kids on national television, but I don’t mind voicing my frustrations and happy moments to the online world. Especially if it’s among other moms like myself.

Anyway. I’m a mother of two, a 4 year old princess and a 2 year old king of his own domain. I’ve been married for 5 years now to the best husband on the planet.. of course I’m biased 🙂 I currently work a full-time 9am-5pm job and my husband and I own our very own web and graphic design company. My husband also has a part-time job. I am also heavily involved in my church, Harvest Fire Worship Center, the best church ever! There I serve on the Praise Team and the Video Ministry.

So life kind of gets very hectic for me and my family and it seems as though the phone never stops ringing but I thank God everyday that I have a phone to ring, kids to love, a husband to cater to and a life to live!

I hope you enjoy the many escapades and stories of my life past and to come. If you ever want to reach me, send me a private message on the site or you can always send an email to mommyc@iamsoamom.com. Enjoy the site!.